Each student comes to basic music theory class at a different stage of their musical career or experience. A solid understanding of basic music theory has made them better musicians with more confidence to expand their creativity and better communicate with other musicians.

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“This was an extremely helpful and informative workshop!! I learned so much. Tamara made the learning process fun and the material easy to understand. She’s an excellent instructor and so patient! I’m definitely interested in other music theory classes being offered.” = Sarah L. One-Day Intensive Basic Theory Workshop.
“Your classes are wonderful and I’d definitely be interested in any other offerings!”
– JJ K. Basic Theory 1 and 2
“Thank you! It was very helpful, and I immediately noticed the benefits of the class.
– Jen J. One-Day Intensive Basic Music Theory Workshop
“I bought a book or two on music theory years ago, tried reading them and understood next to nothing. That left me with the impression that music theory was this wildly complicated topic that I’d never grasp. Turned out not be even remotely close to the truth once I took Tamara’s class. It’s separated into very few “building blocks” which makes it simple to understand. The class is not about overwhelming you with blind info. It’s about breaking it down to simple bits of info that add up to a wealth of knowledge in a very short time. Well approached, well thought out, well dispersed. If you appreciate music, you’ll appreciate this class. It’s like being handed a paint set after buying a new canvas. You now have the tools to have some fun. Tamara makes it fun, not work. That’s the key.” – Steve D. Basic Theory 1 and One-Day Intensive workshops
“Great class!  Tamara kept me engaged. I clearly did not have the grasp the other students had and Tamara (and other students) were patient and made sure I understood before moving forward.  I intend on taking more classes with Tamara.” – Lori P – One-Day Workshop student
I cannot begin to express the strides I have made in my understanding of music theory after taking Tamara’s Basic Theory Class. Her class inspired me to push forward and continue to grow as a songwriter. She not only tailored her music instruction to fit my goals, but she simplified and broke down overwhelming details to give me a clear understanding of my strengths and areas I need to work on. She provided me with an arsenal of diverse exercises to develop my ear, basic fundamental skills, and music terminology. As a singer and songwriter, who has taken her class numerous times for the sake of absorbing everything I can about music, I can vouch for her talent as a musician and for her penchant to teach. Tamara is a rare gem who instills sensitivity and creativity in her students, and it would be anyone’s good fortune to study with her. — Monica S.
Tamara is a wonderful teacher and person. She’s able to break music theory and chart writing down in a way I’ve actually been able to understand. Since the classes are small, you get a lot of attention. The workbook that she wrote and gives to all her students is so thorough. I highly recommend her!” — Rachel M., singer/songwriter
“Great foundation for learning to read and transcribe music!! Excellent instruction and supportive atmosphere. Highly recommend this course for songwriters and musicians alike.” — Janet P., songwriter
Music theory was always my achilles heel when it came to fully exploring my creativity in composing.  I would shy away from it because of the stigma of it involving so much memorization, mathematics and being somewhat intimidating.  But Tamara is such a good teacher because she starts from the very beginning, builds along the way at a slow pace and will answer any questions the student has so they can understand and apply it to whatever they are doing.  I would highly recommend her workshops to anyone who wants to get a deeper understanding of how music works.” — Ben S.
“Every musician I have come in contact with has been very grateful for the charts. We can now focus on dynamics and instrumentation at rehearsal — not having to learn the actual song. My bass player said they were the best charts she had been given in years” — Julie K.
“Tamara’s approach demystified every aspect of music theory I thought was impossible to understand and apply to my own music. The tools and knowledge she provides are a priceless investment for the growth and development of any artist or musician. — M. Sharma
“Tamara Hey’s Basic Music Theory class was a great way to solidify the basics and get better tools for communicating with musicians.  This is a great class for singer/songwriters who know things by ear or feel but don’t have a lot of formal training — it helped fill in the gaps.” — Ellia B.
“You REALLY helped me. I have basic charts for about half of my catalogue now… The music theory stuff was also super helpful, and I love the workbook.  I am now able to put into words what I’ve been playing and writing!!” — Julie K.
“Tamara is a wonderful teacher committed to teaching her students – anywhere from beginners to advanced folks who may just need to fill in some gaps in their knowledge of music theory. No matter the student, Tamara is generous with her time and so sharply focused on making sure every student understands before continuing the lesson. A class with Tamara is highly rewarding and her original worksheets are so easy to understand, more so than any other books I’ve seen.  The knowledge you will gain from her will be instantly applicable to your music playing and totally exciting when it clicks! Take the class and you’ll see what I mean!!” — Michelle C.
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